Between 6 and 8 May, the city of Batalha received EUROJOIA, in which the brand Wings of Feeling presented its latest collections.

This Jewellery, Gold and Watches Fair ensured a direct contact between professionals of the market, creating business opportunities.
The WOF stand transpired brightness and glamour, two characteristics of the brand, with two exhibition areas - WOF Woman and WOF Man - to present the jewels directly to female and male consumers.
With a positive balance, the Portuguese brand, will continue to participate in these exhibitions to be ever closer to its public.


Solidarity jewel for the Fight Against Cancer ...

In partnership with the Portuguese League Against Cancer, WOF - Wings of Feeling brand developed a social responsibility campaign "Happy Women Shine More" through the creation of a piece of jewelery to raise funds for the Association.
In order to sensitize the Portuguese women on the fight against breast cancer, the Portuguese brand created a jewelry: a silver 925 necklace, with two gold nicrons bath and unique design in the amount of € 29.90. "... This necklace reflects the symbology in the fight against cancer to make every woman feel more and more human and happier...," says Paula Teixeira, the project mentor and responsible for the WOF brand.
To complete this Social Responsibility action, WOF deliver a donation to the Portuguese League Against Cancer, at the official Wings of Feeling Christmas Dinner, which also presented with gold necklaces, all the customers that sold more than 60 necklaces in this campaign.


WOF Gold Collection inspired by the main symbols of luck

Along with its new image, more stylish, modern and glamorous, Wings Of Feeling – WOF reveals its new line in gold 19.2 carats inspired by the lucky charms used with the function of protecting in almost all cultures or religions, given its history and traditions.
The four-leaf clover, the hand of Fatima, the key, the angel or the cross are some of the symbols available in this new collection designed for women who do not abdicate their elegance, serenity and personal style.
With unique and personalized details, gold will meet the female personality to be used in day-to-day as well as at special times.
Again, WOF shows the presence of emotions and feelings in the development of collections, always with a contemporary design inherent to the Portuguese jewelery brand. A beautiful Christmas suggestion to surprise your loved ones!

Unique gifts for your special one...


Rebranding of the brand reflects a new business strategy...

The Wings of Feeling (WOF) – Portuguese jewelery brand based in Braga, Portugal, since 2009 – presented a new image, "... more elegant, and more glamorous ...", in the last edition of PORTOJÓIA – International Jewellery, Gold and Watch Exhibition, to be held in Exponor from 24 to 27 September 2015.
"... The statement and the positioning of the brand in the domestic and international markets motivated the development of this project, when the Wings of Feeling project eaches maturity demanding an image that reflects the basic concepts inherent to the brand: tradition, design and irreverence ..., " said Paula Teixeira, mentor of WOF.
With a contemporary design, the collections of the brand express feelings that "move mountains", where still stands the creativity of Torcato Santos, the designer of the collections: "WOF Man" and "Innovating Traditions".

LPCC and WOF create a solidarity jewel for the fight against cancer

In partnership with the Portuguese League Against Cancer, Wings of Feeling – WOF developed the national campaign "Happy Women Shine More", which consisted in raising funds for the Association.

This social oriented campaign aimed to raise consumer awareness about the fight against breast cancer and, therefore, the jewelery brand created a silver 925 necklace, with two gold nicrons bath and unique design, worth € 29.90.
This necklace translates the symbology in the fight against cancer to make every woman feel more and more human and happier every day.

WOF in Bijorhca Paris 2015

The Portuguese brand of jewelery, Wings of Feeling, returned to be present in what is considered the biggest jewelry French event - the Bijorhca Paris.

Featuring a global offering of jewelry, the fair becomes the ideal destination for buyers from around the world, continuing to invest significantly in the creative jewelery universe.
With the release of new jewels, Wings of Feeling exhibited and presented their jewelry trends for the new season, inspired especially in the greatest feeling of all - love.

WOF in Portojoia 2014

The Wings of Feeling surprised the visitors through its dynamic and bold stand and its avant-garde products.

Fashion and passion mark the proposals of the Portuguese jewelery brand with articles are guided by the uniqueness and creativity through in silver and gold.

WOF in the capital of fashion

Twice a year, in January and September, Wings Of Feeling brand is always presente at Bijorhca Paris, the international exhibition of jewelry.

This is an event where fashion tendencies are revealed and where there is a friendly exchange about the future trends, between buyers and designers.
With the success of the event, the Portuguese jewelery brand promises to return next year.

WOF Bijorhca in Paris in 2014

The Bijorhca Paris hosted the campaign "Legendary Destination" from the Portuguese jewelery collective: "Portuguese Jewellery Shaped with Love."

For four days, from 24 to 27 January, the best parts of the Wings of Feeling were displayed at the show, which was a success in terms of contacts and promotion, with about 15,000 visitors.

Susana Felix creates a collection for Wings of Feeling

The Portuguese singer Susana Félix accepted the challenge of Torcato Santos, designer of Wings of Feeling, to create a new line of jewelry called "Susana Félix jewels."

This collection, crafted in silver, is inspired by Diana Dias illustrations used in the last album of the artist, consisting of a necklace, two types of bracelets and earrings. With a total purchase of the collection, WOF offers a CD autographed by the singer.

Torcato Santos presents "Innovating Traditions" collection on the Portuguese TV

The designer of the Portuguese brand of jewelery, Wings Of Feeling – WOF, Torcato Santos, was invited by the television program "You on TV" to present "Innovating Traditions" collection.

"... This is a line connecting the future to the recent past, stories that recreate, passions that are renewed, because the future starts today. Made of materials such as silver or gold, in different shades, that preserve certain timelessness of the collection..., "says the WOF designer.

WOF jewels in the project "Simple Portugal Fashion Spring/Summer 2011"

The Portugal Fashion is one of the largest fashion events in which the Wings Of Feeling – WOF brand had the opportunity to participate.

The fashion show took place at Oporto, where the collection of Torcato Santos "Innovating Traditions" jewels travel in time through delicate parts that are characterized as timeless.

Wings of Feeling awarded by JoiaPro

The second edition of JoiaPro Awards took place at Exponor, on 22 September, giving the Wings of Feeling – WOF a place of distinction.

In order to publicize the "design", the Portuguese jewelery brand surprised the Portojoia visitors with a dynamic and bold stand, far above expectations, which gave it this award.

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